Drop in working @Kichijoji

Photo taken on 6th May 2021

Inokashira-park with Sakura

Why don`t you visit Kichijoji-ji and drop in working?

Kichijoji at glance

Kichijoji is a large station at the eastern end of Musashino City, Tokyo. It is also a regular town at the top of the ranking of cities where you want to live in Japan.

Kichihoji-town1-May 2021
  • Major Company - Matsuya foods, Yokogawa electric, Skylark Group (Near Mitaka)
  • The average daily number of passengers getting on and off in 2019

146,901. -Keio line 141,849-JR Line

*Among the Keio Electric Railway stations, it is the third largest after Shinjuku and Shibuya stations.

Drop in working in Kichijoji

kichijoji photo(1)-May 2021

Kichijoji is the largest entertainment town in western Tokyo. There are quite a few brand shops, multinational restaurants and cafes.

Kichijoji-inokashira-May 2021

There are many places in Kichijoji where you can work at drop-in. The characteristic of Kichijoji is that it is a residential area and a commercial area rather than an office district, and rich nature remains.

Pepacafe forest kichijoji-May 2021

If you work drop-in at cafe in Inokashira Park, you might come up with a great idea.

●Some other drop-in working spots @Kichijoji are as followings

Benkyo Cafe(Studying cafe)

勉強カフェ 吉祥寺スタジオ | 吉祥寺のコワーキングスペース | 日経OFFICE PASS (nikkei.jp)

I-Office Kichijoji

アクセス|コワーキングスペース – i-officeは吉祥寺駅から徒歩5分。起業家支援のためのシェアオフィス


SkiiMa(スキーマ) | 吉祥寺のコミュニティ型ワーキングスペース (parco.jp)

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