How is Olympic mood after state of emergency in Japan?


Starting today, a state of emergency has been announced in Tokyo again. As a Japanese, many people are not feeling a big change because they have become accustomed to the state of emergency.

In the office district, the number of people is still high, but the town of Tokyo, where there are many elderly people, is quiet again. Most of the people who work for Japanese companies go to work, ignoring the state of emergency, and the trains are quite full.

The news of the Olympic Games has increased a little on TV, but the fact is that many Japanese do not realize it.

Especially those who have had a hard time getting the Olympic tickets may be disappointed because they have decided to participate without spectators.

Many Japanese elementary school students had a free tour as a social studies course, but this was also canceled, and it seems that there are many unfortunate children.

Now that the outdoor stage is gone, many Japanese will be watching the game on their home TV, just like people around the world. It's a little disappointing.

I hope things will improve as much as possible.

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