Very few people around Tokyo Olympic venue

Tokyo Olympic venue yoyogi

The Tokyo Olympics are finally approaching today. However, the surroundings of the opening ceremony venue are strangely quiet. It's a sparse number of people taking a walk and taking pictures. Only the number of guards is huge.

A 360-degree high wall has been erected at the venue of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and it is almost impossible to approach.
The government has announced that it will hold an opening ceremony with no spectators, and it is not even possible to get close to it completely.


The entrance for athletes only is firmly guarded by security guards. I feel lonely because the restaurants and other shops in the area are open or closed.


Apparently, according to TV reports, those who miraculously won the opening ceremony ticket by lottery are sitting nearby without forgetting the excitement. I think that I came at least just by looking at it, but unfortunately, I am not even allowed to approach the venue.

I'm sorry for those who got the ticket, but it can't be helped.

Many Japanese will be watching on TV from home today

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