Free ! Japanese Group Chat on Zoom

Banso Career, a Japanese career support group, holds free Japanese chat every week.

Anyone with a Zoom connection environment can participate from anywhere. You can have an hour of Japanese conversation on various themes related to Japan. Why don`t you join? : )

What is unique about Banso Career`s Japanese Chat?

The host of Japanese chat will be from Tokyo, Japan. Why don't you speak in Japanese while listening to the real-time situation of Tokyo? Occasionally, I connect with Zoom from sightseeing spots in Tokyo.

In addition, the host of Japanese chat is a nationally qualified person who supports careers in Japan. If you want to work in Japan, you can ask a lot of questions.

It is held free of charge. It's a small group of up to 5 people, so it's not that you don't have a chance to talk. Please feel free to join us.

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