Career Coaching & Lessons

Career Coaching & Lessons

Are you looking for someone to accompany you in your career in Japan? A Japanese national certified career consultant provides support through an accompanying approach. Feel free to start by asking questions on Fiverr. Please contact us at your convenience.

Make your Japanese CV Shine

Are you sure you can write your resume in Japanese? Why not have it checked just once by a native Japanese career consultant? On Fiverr, we offer revisions and fairness checks starting from $25. Please feel free to make a request.

Japanese Mock Interview

Are you anxious about interviewing in Japanese? Why not highlight your ability to speak even a little Japanese during the interview? On Fiverr, you can choose the option to have a mock interview in Japanese. Please feel free to apply.



Tạo Sơ yếu lý lịch tiếng Nhật.



Metaverse Career Talk

Explore the future of career coaching in the metaverse! Engage with professional coaches through your avatar, anytime, anywhere. Benefit from a safe, immersive environment where you can openly discuss and strategize your career path. Start your journey on Cluster, with a free initial consultation!

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Global Career Coach

"Empowering Individuals with Career Vision"

Hi! I am Yoshi. I am Japanese and born in Tokyo. I am national qualified career consultant and US CCE-recognized GCDF-Japan Career Counselor. What I can do for you is - Career Advice or Coaching in Japan - Revising your Japanese Resume -Write Japanese Article by SEO rules Do contact me anytime 🙂


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Global Career Writer

"The ways of working are more diverse than you can imagine"

I am national qualified career consultant and US CCE-recognized GCDF-Japan Career Counselor. I am writing about the diverse ways of working in this world.

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