The reason why foreign freelancers may easily work in Japan

Can freelancers work in Japan? Do you have such a question? The answer, depending on the situation, is becoming possible. The number of foreigners working as freelancers seems to be increasing in recent years. Many foreigners work as interpreters and translators, and system engineers, designers, manga artists, and composers.

Of course, these people are more likely to get a visa if they are employed by company. However, is it possible to obtain and maintain a visa as freelancer?

For example, if you work as an interpreter / translator, system engineer, or designer, you will get a visa for "Specialist in Humanities/International Services".

If you are a freelance dancer or performer, you may have to get "entertainment" visa.

Most of the people who work as freelancers will conclude business consignment contracts with companies.

If you work in Japan for the mid or long term, you need to show that this contract is stable with a continuous contract with the contracting agency. This contract is very important.

it is said that it is desirable that the annual income is guaranteed to be about 3 million yen or more. Also contract period should be above 1 year.

Mandatory contracts with freelancers are expanding

Very good news came out today.

The government has decided to expand the scope of businesses that require the preparation of contract documents when ordering business in order to strengthen the legal protection of freelance workers who do not belong to organizations such as companies.

フリーランスと契約書 義務拡大 - Yahoo!ニュース

This will save freelancers who have been strong on the company side and had difficulty concluding contracts. This treatment is no exception just because you are a foreigner.

It also suggests that the number of foreigners who will be active in Japan will increase in the future.

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