5 things you shouldn't ask in a Japanese job interview

Japanese job interview

Is there anything I shouldn't ask when hiring Japanese people? Japan doesn't have as many taboo questions as the West, but I would like to introduce five things that you should be aware of.

First of all, it is rude to listen deeply about whether you are married or not. I think it's universal, but marriage is a sensitive topic. Of course, if you want to check the dependents of the applicant, or if the job requires a transfer, it is OK to check the family.

The second is a political topic. Political parties, ideas, and questions you shouldn't ask.

The third is religion. Many Japanese are non-religious, so even if they are heard, they will end with "Nothing in particular." I don't think Japanese people feel uncomfortable, but I think they will remain distrustful.

The fourth is the salary of how much you want. Of course, this is good for listening only to the overview, but Japanese people are sensitive to the amount of salary. It's not a topic I want to talk about in front of a lot of people. Separately, it is better to negotiate the terms with a small number of people.

Finally, the question is whether or not there is a recommender. Outside of Japan, there is a referral system in which someone recommends someone, but in Japan this system is not yet common. Basically, Japanese people want to hide their job change activities. They may not say this activity to their families as well as to the people in the company. Therefore, it can be a little confusing when asked "Are there any recommenders?"

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