What is Japanese Samurai(侍) Spirit? How to work as Samurai in Japan like Baseball?

What is Samurai spirit?

What you image about Samurai now may be Japanese professional baseball team.

The Japanese Samurai spirit, also known as Bushido(武士道), is a code of conduct that has been practiced by samurai warriors for centuries. It is a set of principles that governs Japanese actions and way of life, emphasizing traits such as loyalty, courage, honor, and self-discipline.

The word "Bushido" is derived from two Japanese words: "bushi(武士)," which means warrior, and "do(道)" which means way or path. Combining Together, they form a concept that encompasses the moral and ethical principles that guide the behavior of samurai warriors.

Tenets and principals of Samurai spirits

Tenets and principals of Samurai spirits

One of the central tenets of Bushido is loyalty. Samurai were expected to be fiercely loyal to their masters and to fulfill their duties without hesitation. This loyalty was considered to be of utmost importance, and a samurai who betrayed his master would bring shame not only upon himself but upon his entire family.This is probably the concept behind Japan's lifetime employment system.

Another key principle of Bushido is courage. Samurai warriors were expected to be fearless in the face of danger and to always be willing to lay down their lives for their cause. They were trained in various martial arts, such as swordsmanship and archery, to be able to defend themselves and their masters.It can be said that this gave birth to Japan's Aun breath(阿吽の呼吸) culture and teamwork culture.

Honor is also an essential element of the Samurai spirit. A samurai's reputation was of utmost importance, and they were expected to behave with dignity and respect at all times. Dishonorable behavior, such as lying or cheating, was not tolerated, and a samurai who committed such acts would be expected to commit ritual suicide to atone for their actions.

Self-discipline is another critical aspect of Bushido. Samurai warriors were expected to live a disciplined and simple life, with minimal material possessions. They were also expected to control their emotions and maintain a calm and composed demeanor at all times, even in the face of great adversity.It can be said that this has created a serious and disciplined work attitude in Japan.

How samurai spirit works?

How samurai spirit works?

The Samurai spirit continues to inspire people around the world today. Its emphasis on loyalty, courage, honor, and self-discipline has made it a symbol of strength and resilience in the face of challenges. Many people strive to embody these principles in their own lives, using them as a guide to living a meaningful and purposeful existence.


In conclusion, the Japanese Samurai spirit, or Bushido, is a code of conduct that emphasizes loyalty, courage, honor, and self-discipline. These principles have guided samurai warriors for centuries and continue to inspire people around the world today. By embodying the Samurai spirit in our own lives, Japanese can strive to live or work a life of meaning, purpose, and strength.

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