Why do Japanese people try to work at least for 3 years?

Japanese people is sticking to try to work at least for 3 years.

Why do Japanese people try to work at least for 3 years?

It seems that it is a Japanese policy to stay in the same place for at least 3 years.

Three years on a stone 石の上にも3年

There is such a saying "Three years on a stone" in Japan.

I means "Even on a cold stone, if you sit on it for three years, it will warm up. The parable of success if you are patient"

Therefore, many office workers are advised to stay in the same company for at least three years.

Many believe that leaving the company in less than three years is not the best option. Even when changing jobs, if you quit in less than three years, you're in a bad shape.

Is it really true?

But lately, the way of thinking is changing. There is an increasing number of people wondering why companies that do not comply with laws and regulations and companies that have a lot of power harassment must stay for three years.

出典:厚生労働省 新規学卒者の離職状況より「学歴別卒業後3年以内離職率の推移」

The above is the yearly transition of university graduates who left company within three years after joining the company.

As you can see, more than 30% have left the company within three years of joining the company, and that trend is accelerating every day.

The younger generation of Japanese no longer sits on stones for three years. No matter how much seniors advise, they won't.

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