What is Japan's retirement agency service(退職支援代行) that surprises foreigners?

What is unique Japan's retirement agency service that surprises foreigners?

As far as I know, there is no such agency business in the world.

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Retirement agency is service that handles retirement procedures on behalf of a worker when he or she wants to leave the company.

Since around 2018, the number of related service agency has increased rapidly.

According to 日本労働調査組合 (May,2021)

1. Retirement agency service recognition rate is 63.9%

2. Approximately 20% answered that they would use the retirement agency service when they retire

3. Approximately 30% have experience of using retirement agency services by themselves or around them

Why Japanese Use Retirement Agency?

The reason is very simple. In many cases, the reason for using a retirement agency is not a man-hour issue, but a difficulty talking to boss.

The senior generation in Japan has worked in a lifetime employment system. The bosses of the generation who lived in such an era could not easily leave their employees. When an employee actually said "I wanna leave company", some senior may manage to persuade him to stay at the company and did not receive a retirement notice, which may lead to big problem.

Article 627 of the Civil Code stipulates the cancellation of employment contracts. If there is no fixed employment period and you are working on an hourly or daily wage system, you can retire on that retirement date by applying at least two weeks before your retirement date.

How much is Retirement agency fees range?

Retirement agency fees range from 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen.

If an employee wants to leave the company, the retirement agency seems to do a lot of the rest. Employees who are clients can often leave the company without seeing their boss or going to the company.

Why can't the Japanese resolutely tell them to leave the company and do the procedure?

Why can't the Japanese resolutely tell them to leave the company and do the procedure?

It is a fact that some Japanese people find it difficult to end their relationships. It's true that some companies have bosses who never let them leave. It may be a negative aspect of Japan's lifelong employment.

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