Manners for online interviews with Japanese people

Online interviews have become mainstream. Every country has a culture of online interview etiquette and methods. Let's introduce it today.

Manner 1) Let's bow(おじぎ) at the beginning and the end

Japanese people often bow when they meet people, but don't forget to do this even in a remote interview. It may be unconscious, but most Japanese people bow at online interviews and meetings.

Manner 2)Get permission when projecting and explaining materials

In your country, it may be normal to have an interview while showing the materials, but in Japan it is not so common. So please Get permission when projecting and explaining materials

Manner 3)Let's dress formal not too casual

Even though it's an online interview, it's best not to dress too casually. I can only see the upper body, but T-shirts, for example, do not give a good impression. Wear shirts and jackets whenever possible. Usually you don't think you need to wear a tie right now.

Of course, it depends on the type of business. For start-up companies, it's okay to be a little more casual. If you're worried, ask your recruiter in advance for the dress code.

Manner 4)Join in a private room at home or in a satellite office

It's not a good idea to attend an online interview in a cafe or in a meeting space with people. Join in a private room at home or in a satellite office.

Whether or not you should set the background depends on the situation. If you have a natural background at home, that's better. If you don't want the background to look too much, you can set a preset background.

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