How are Japanese people looking for a job?

How are Japanese people looking for a job?

According to, 58% of Japanese tends to use the job search(agent) type.

When asked to men and women between the ages of 22 and 39 who had changed jobs, "Which medium did you use to advance your job change activities?", 30% said "Hello Work", followed by 28% "Job website".

As a result, it became clear that 58% of all people are using the job search type job change service to promote job change activities.

転職経験者のうち転職サイトを利用するのは何割!?転職エージェントを利用した約8割が転職に成功している! (

Is Referral recruitment common?

Referral recruitment is not common in Japan. There are some companies that have started that effort, but it has not become popular in Japan yet.

The reason why this is not popular is the mechanism of the Japanese company system. The right to hire Japanese personnel may be held by the Human Resources Department to some extent, which is different from the US/ Western style in which the head of the business department has most of the authority.

If the business department has the authority, it is the responsibility of the department to hire anyone for referrals.

Is business SNS common?

Business SNS such as linked in has some recognition in Japan. However, its utilization rate is only about 2%, which is lower than the world average of about 10%.

Why isn't business SNS popular in Japan?

First of all, in Japan, as mentioned above, there are very few cases where a job is found using business SNS.

There is also the influence of Japanese labor law and practices. Japan is a country that is extremely difficult to dismiss. Even the poorest employees cannot easily lay off.

Therefore, it is a risk for companies to easily hire people found on business SNS, etc., and they should hire them carefully based on the recommendations of third-party agents.

If you change jobs in Japan

If you want to change jobs in Japan, you can appeal on business SNS, but it is realistic to register as a job change agent.

Japanese career change agents have relatively good vacant positions, so they will be able to introduce you to your job soon.

These are the three major career change agents. Recently, there are many staff who can speak English.

転職エージェントならリクルートエージェント (

会社概要 | 派遣の仕事・人材派遣サービスはパソナ (

転職ならdoda(デューダ) - 転職を成功に導く求人、転職情報が満載の転職サイト

If you need global positions,

JAC Recruitment(ジェイ エイ シー リクルートメント)公式サイト (

外資系・グローバル企業の転職・求人サイト | []

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