Gig work in Japan is popular enough?

Is gig work popular in Japan?

The answer is yes, but many people are reluctant to do gig work. When it comes to gig work in Japan, there are many people who create Uber Eats home delivery services. In Japanese news, when you pick up gig work, you will see the scenery delivered by Uber Eats.

In Japan, gig work tends to be seen as a business for the vulnerable. This is because the vulnerable people who are difficult to hire often have no choice but to work.

Therefore, in Japan, gig work considers that it does not receive benefits such as employment, and it becomes a discussion about the development of safety nets.

However, some highly specialized Japanese people make money from WEB-related and design-related gig work. There are still few specialists who can make a living from gig work, but the number is increasing.

The problem with gig work in Japan is that it is a job for the vulnerable and it may not be possible to produce specialists.

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