7.28 mil foreigners working population in Japan in 2050?

foreigners working in Japan

Is it true that 7.28 mil foreigners working in Japan in 2050?

In the current state of the corona crisis around the world, the number of foreigners who are rushing to Japan has decreased. According to the latest statistics, "The number of foreign residents at the end of June 2nd year of Reiwa was 2,885,904, a decrease of 47,233 (1.6%) from the end of the previous year."

Is this a drastic decrease? Not really. It was only 1.6% decrease. Considering that it has increased by about 3% in the last 10 years, the number of foreign workers is staying in Japan more than expected.

令和2年6月末現在における在留外国人数について | 出入国在留管理庁 (moj.go.jp)

So what will happen to the foreign population in the future?

Let's assume that the current number of foreigners, which is about 3 million, has increased to 2050 while maintaining 3% of the growth over the past 10 years.

The calculation formula is like this!
3mil X (1.03) 30

The answer is

It will be 7.28 million.

Japan's population continues to decline

Japan's population continues to decline.

This is an obvious fact!

By 2050, Japan's total population is very likely to fall below 100 million, which will result in a working population of less than 50 million.

Japan may be required to have a multi-ethnic working environment in which 10% and 20% of working people are foreigners.

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