Why it's important to do SNS in Japan


For a long time in Japan, most job searches were through agents. However, that trend is changing recently.As expected, Japanese people are beginning to learn to create business relationships with SNS due to the recent shortage of high-quality jobs.

Although it is a world-famous LinkedIn, the number of registered people in Japan is 2 million, which is still small in the world (2020).

However, when I come here, I hear that LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular in Japan. Many of my friends have also started LinkedIn. Just by registering, there are times when we talk about work, and its usefulness has begun to be recognized.

Japanese business SNS?

Also, there are many such business-type SNSs in the Japanese version. The most famous one is "Wantedly".


You can also register as a foreigner. There are many start-up companies, but it may make connections and talk about work.

If you can speak a little Japanese, why not register?

Other SNS Japanese uses

By registering other SNS in Japanese, you may be able to expand your personal connections.

■ 1st place: LINE 83 million people
■ 2nd place: Twitter 45 million people
■ 3rd place: Instagram 33 million people
■ 4th place: Facebook 26 million people
■ 5th place: TikTok 9.5 million people
■ 6th place: Pinterest 5.3 million people
■ 7th place: LinkedIn 2 million people

"Summary of SNS users in Japan and around the world" Insta Lab

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