3 Tips for passing interview with Japanese company

Interviews with Japanese companies are a little special when compared to the rest of the world. For example, it is rare for a Japanese company to have an interview only once. It is usually done about 3 times. You also need to understand what you need for each interview step.

Therefore, it seems that you need to understand a little special trick. I will share three tips.

1)Do not assert themselves too much

The Japanese tend to be wary of those who are overly assertive. This is because we value the opinions of people and the opinions of the team, and value harmony. There are good and bad things, but it is not good to show off your own achievements too much.

When making a self-appeal, it is highly effective if you include episodes such as what you have achieved in cooperation with the team, listening to the opinions of others, and making improvements.

2)Do not negotiate compensation terms during interview

Often, foreigners make the mistake of trying to include reward negotiations in the interview. Interviews with Japanese companies are usually just an opportunity for personal examination. Excessive compensation negotiations during an interview can be seen as a bit rude.

Of course, if the interviewer asks, "How much do you want the reward?", It's okay to honestly convey your hope.
But let's stop starting negotiations without being asked.
Negotiations are basically done after receiving a provisional offer.

3)Describe your career at the company of your choice

Many Japanese companies are still hiring on the premise of lifetime employment. In other words, when expressing your career aspirations, be sure to talk about the image of following a key position at the company you want to work for.

It's a good idea to think about how you will build your career at the applicant company and make a statement at the interview. Even if you really want to acquire skills at the applicant company and build a career that will change jobs in a few years, don't say it.

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