How old is the retirement age in Japan now? How old will it be in the future?

Japan Retirement

How old is the retirement age in Japan now? How old will it be in the future? You may be concerned about the retirement age of Japan in an aging society. First of all, the retirement age in Japan is 60 years old. However, for the next five years, as a general rule, it is necessary to continue employment even if the contract details are changed. Employees usually retire at the age of 60, but after the age of 60, they usually renew their contracts every year.

Therefore, in Japan, it is possible to be employed by a company until the age of 65. (Of course, it is possible to be dismissed due to poor performance of the company)

This change in employment contract will drastically reduce salaries for many seniors. The monthly wage is about 200,000 to 250,000 yen, which is better than the minimum wage. Even so, many Japanese office workers often renew their contracts.

Extending the retirement age

Consideration of extending the retirement age itself or extending the employment period in the future is proceeding at the government level.

In the future, the possibility of a 70-year-old retirement age system is being explored, but in reality it is unlikely to be realized yet.

The difficulty is the inability of the employer to hire. If the company continues to hire seniors too much, hiring younger generations will be curtailed. This is a difficult problem as the number of Japanese companies with a strong presence in the world is decreasing.

Retirement of age 45??

On the contrary, there is a company in Japan that has announced a policy of not hiring seniors at the age of 45. The opposite phenomenon has caused a great deal of controversy.

45歳定年制に憤る人に知ってほしい働き方の現実 | ワークスタイル | 東洋経済オンライン | 社会をよくする経済ニュース (

"How old do you want to stay in the company?",

If you ask a Japanese office worker over 50 years old,

"How old do you want to stay in the company?",

Probably many Japanese office workers will ask.

"I want to stay in the company for as long as possible"

Japan has little practice of retiring early and starting its own business. It may increase in the future, but most people now take the option of staying at the company even if their salary is low.

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