5 Manners of Japanese job interview you must know

Here are five manners to keep in mind when you have a job interview in Japan.

1)Taking a bow

It is a Japanese interview tradition to bow at the beginning of an interview. Of course, if you are a foreigner, you will not give a bad impression even if you do not bow, but you can make a good impression by bowing.

2)Follow the interviewer's guide and act.

The interviewer will tell you how to proceed on the day. It is NG to sit down, answer the phone, or talk about yourself without permission. You may be worried that you can't say what you want to say, but don't worry, it will always take your time at the end.

3)Don't boast too much

Too proud is not a very good impression in interviews with Japanese companies. It is also important for Japanese people to be humble. It is NG to suddenly appeal or overly brag about what has not been heard.

4)Avoid asking questions until the end unless the interviewer has a specific guide

Usually, at the end of an interview in Japan, the interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions?" Japanese people value the flow of interviews. First, it's time for the interviewer to listen to what he wants to hear, and then it's time for the applicant to hear what he wants to hear.

5)Do not negotiate rewards

Normally, Japanese people do not negotiate compensation during recruitment interviews. Even if a person in charge of the personnel department is present, please do not negotiate compensation. Compensation negotiations take time outside of the interview. If you are too particular about your rewards during the interview, you will get a negative impression.

Follow me!


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