When can we start wage negotiations in Japan?

I hear from foreigners that they don't know when to negotiate wages while working for a Japanese company. Many foreigners do not know when to negotiate, even if they think the wages are cheap. Is it permissible to suddenly call my boss to negotiate wages? Isn't it rude? Would you like to have such a problem?

First, I would like to give my view from the perspective of general practice.

In Japan, it is extremely rare to suddenly bring wage negotiations to your boss. If you work for a large company, the role is played by trade unions and worker representatives. Negotiating individually can seem a bit rude.

That said, if you're dissatisfied with low wages, it's a good idea to sue in performance evaluation interviews or career interviews several times a year. However, in the case of a company that does not have such an opportunity, it is unavoidable to tell the boss directly, but it is unlikely that wages will improve soon.

Therefore, it is very important for Japanese companies to negotiate wages when they join the company. If you enter a company with a satisfactory wage, you will rarely fall out of that wage. When you join the company, let's communicate your wishes and make sure that you have the desired salary level.

If you're working now but your wages don't go up that much, you can do side jobs. Japanese companies are slowing down in growth and it is difficult for them to raise wages suddenly, but they may allow them to do side jobs.

From the perspective of when wages can be negotiated, Japan has a very high hurdle to give special consideration to each individual. But on the contrary, wages do not drop dramatically. It is a good idea to work for a Japanese company after understanding this characteristic.

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