"Complete Guide for Taiwanese Residents Seeking Employment in Japan: Visa Applications to Job Hunting"

  1. Visa Requirements and Application Process

For those looking to work in Japan, obtaining the right visa is essential. Taiwanese applicants often consider the "Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services" visa or the "Specified Skilled Worker" visa. These visas require specific professional skills or job categories. The application process involves various documents such as employment contracts, resumes, and work experience certificates. It's crucial to gather accurate information from the website of the Japanese Immigration Bureau or the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.


  1. Job Hunting Resources

There are numerous resources for finding a job in Japan, both domestically and internationally. Common tools include job portals and professional networks like LinkedIn. Alternatively, Taiwanese and Japanese recruitment agencies can offer significant help. Companies often value bilingual skills in Japanese and Chinese, which can be a substantial advantage.

  1. Language Skills and Cultural Adaptation

Japanese language proficiency is crucial when working in Japan. Having N1 or N2 certification from the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) can be particularly beneficial during job applications. Additionally, adapting to the Japanese workplace culture, which may differ from Taiwan's, requires understanding and adhering to local business manners and company regulations.

  1. Preparing for Life in Japan

Living in Japan requires securing accommodation, enrolling in health insurance, and opening bank accounts. Finding housing can be challenging, especially in major cities like Tokyo or Osaka. It's important to research and understand the necessary procedures beforehand. Japan's diverse regions also offer varying cultures and climates, so consider these factors when choosing where to live.

  1. Networking and Support

Starting a career in Japan benefits greatly from networking. Joining communities of Taiwanese or professional groups in your field can provide valuable information and support. Many towns and cities in Japan have foreigner support centers offering assistance with living and working in Japan.

Preparing and gathering information is key to successfully finding a job and adapting to life in Japan for Taiwanese residents. This blog outlines the steps and considerations necessary for a successful career transition from Taiwan to Japan.

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