What is Japanese "Maximum number of longest competition"?

The way of working in Japan was sometimes called the longest competition of the largest number.

Japanese companies didn't like the early selection of talented people, and all preferred to compete for 40 years after joining the company. However, when the profits of Japanese companies were left behind after 1990, the management posts gradually disappeared, and it became impossible to compete for the longest time.

Therefore, Japanese companies are also switching to the early selection type of employees.

Which is better in Japan?

However, this is a point where discussions are not over in Japan. The maximum number of longest competition methods also has many advantages.

Especially in Japan, which is not accustomed to early selection, many people who are not selected lose their motivation. Such motivated people are laid off at Western companies, but Japan cannot easily dismiss them.

As a result, many unmotivated employees are involved in the company, which is not productive for the company.

Many Japanese companies are trying to return to the longest competitive type with the largest number, but it is a big factor to prepare future posts and compete.

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