What is new "FIRE" working style in Japan?

"FIRE" working is now in boom in Japan. What is the FIRE way of working? It's not about dismissal, right?" FIRE is Financial Independence and Retire Early retirement'. The acronym is 'FIRE', in short, early retirement."

若者憧れ「FIRE」とは?早期退職で“不労所得”生活(テレビ朝日系(ANN)) - Yahoo!ニュース

The difference from previous early retirement is that the younger generation is doing it.

In countries other than Japan, it is normal to want early retirement, and I think it was often done from a young age. However, in Japan, it is still common practice to work for a company until the retirement age of 65, and such early retirement from a young age is rare.

There are pros and cons as to whether FIRE can really generate a stable income. However, it is a phenomenon that is definitely increasing in the younger generation.

"Side FIRE" is to obtain living funds while doing side businesses as well as investment profits from investment.

In Japan, many believed that it was the best way to work in one company after graduating from school, but now a variety of work styles are beginning to emerge.

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