7 Tips when you leave company in Japan.

Many foreigners are confused about how to quit a Japanese company in Japan. One of them is the question, "When I leave the company, do I have to say the name of the company to which I change jobs?"

  1. First of all, there is no need to say why you are leaving the company. In most cases, the company's rules of employment promise only one month in advance.

Normally, you only need to submit a retirement notice. Don't worry if your company boss keeps you.

In the unlikely event that the company claims the damage of quitting, it is illegal. Please appeal to the Labor Standards Document if necessary. Japanese companies are very wet and it is normal for you to hold back when you try to leave the company. However, excessive detention is against the law, and the government is cracking down on it.

When leaving a company in Japan, it is important to convey your intention to "leave the company" about a month ago.

2)There is a rare service called retirement agency in Japan, but if you want to use it, you can use it.

3)Paid leave will not be bought, so you will need to use it up. Basically, you are not obliged to go to work once you have completed the necessary transfer to your successor.

4)Depending on the company, if there is a bonus, it is often not paid unless you are enrolled on the payment date. Check the rules of employment and, if necessary, stay enrolled until the payment date.

5) Some severance pay is provided by some companies. If you leave Japan, be sure to ask for it before you leave. Also, if you have paid social insurance, you may be able to receive a small amount of refund from the country.

6)Company equipment such as employee ID cards and company emblems cannot be taken out. Let's return it firmly so as not to cause trouble.

7)Recent Japanese companies also have a reemployment system. Also, you may be hired when you return to Japan, so check if there is a system.

Let's proceed smoothly with the retirement procedure by referring to the above.

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