Will the minimum wage rise to 930yen in Japan?

On the 14th, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's council announced the largest increase in the minimum wage of 902 yen per hour on a national average. As the effects of the new coronavirus continue, the focus will be on what kind of judgments will be made in the discussions conducted by prefecture based on the guidelines.(Yahoo news)

However, "The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry" opposes the drastic increase, because many small businesses and small shops don't even pay part-time employees due to the corona crisis.

Of course, since it is the minimum wage, it will not affect those who have already exceeded it. Meanwhile, the government has set a goal to raise the national average to 1,000 yen per hour sooner.

It is because the government also wants to improve Japan's minimum wage "Mexico level" OECD 25th place.

日本の最低賃金「メキシコ並み」OECD25位の衝撃 | 国内経済 | 東洋経済オンライン | 社会をよくする経済ニュース (toyokeizai.net)

However, even today, Japanese stores are still worried that if the minimum wage continues to rise, they will not be able to hire a part-time job.

Will the minimum wage rise without waiting for the recovery of the corona crisis?

The Japanese are paying attention.

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