Why are Japanese sleeping on the train?

Japanese sleeping on train

Why are Japanese sleeping on the train?

This is the most surprising sight for foreigners who come to Japan for the first time. About half of the population on the train is sitting and sleeping. If this was the commuting time, about 70% of the passengers would be sleeping.

Why can Japanese people sleep so much on the train? Are they tired? Is there any danger? Many foreigners will have such a question.

There are three main reasons for this, so I will introduce them.

❶Just the right commute time to sleep

The average commuting time for Japanese people is about 50 minutes. This is just the right time to fall asleep and wake up. They don't sleep because I may oversleep in about 15 minutes.

Some Japanese people have a good sleep time on the train and add it to their daily sleep time. Sleeping on the train is exactly part of the Japanese lifestyle.

❷Because it's safe

Japanese trains are said to be the safest in the world. I don't often hear pickpockets or stolen things on the train. That's why they can sleep with peace of mind.

You can see the degree of safety in Japan by seeing them sleeping completely while keeping their wallets and mobile phones in a visible position.

❸Because they are reasonably tired

Of course, the Japanese may be tired because they are stressed accordingly. Total working hours have decreased considerably in recent years, but overall, Japanese people like to work.

There are many Japanese people who work intensively without being too careful during work, so it will be calm on the train.

Normally, in the world, people are nervous about pickpockets on the train, and it may be normal for them to have a relaxed attitude at work, but in Japan it is the opposite.

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