3 main questions and tips in Japanese interview

In a hiring interview in Japan, there are three questions that affect your success or failure.

1)The episode you worked hard 「学生時代・前職で力をいれてこと」

The first is "the episode you worked hard in your school days" or "The episode you worked hard in your previous job."

In fact, what is expected from the answer to this question is not only the results and achievements. For this question, the Japanese value not only the result but also the process and ingenuity.

So, you're not good at just "achieving 120% sales" for this question. The good answer is, "I involved the members around me to increase sales. There are some difficult issues, but I gathered opinions and worked hard to resolve them."

2)Why you want to join this company 「志望動機」

The next important thing is "motivation and enthusiasm for why you want to join the company". Simply "I want to make money" doesn't seem good in Japan. In overseas cases, a simple answer is enough, but Japanese people do not change jobs frequently, so it is important to have a solid motivation.

What you should be careful about here is to find and talk about the points of contact that you like the company and the products and services. Of course, it may be a company philosophy. The Japanese are relieved when they have a common point of contact with each other.

3)Your strength 「あなたの強み」

The last thing you will be asked is your strength. What Japanese people like here is human power in addition to professional power. For example, not only people who can use Excel, can control SAP, also have teamwork and communication ability.

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